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Acquisition tax strategies when buying.
Ocean front properties are not all the same.
Title. Why some properties don't have it.

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• Market Conditions: 3rd Quarter 2013!
• The notary does what in Mexico?
• Where are all the single family homes?
• Tax free gains in Mexico?
• Ocean front walkways are pretty popular.
• Trending. Renting for 6 months.

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    • Palacio del Mar3 Bedrooms, Customizable, 3500 square feet.

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    The Buying Experience

    Buying a home in Baja should be a great experience. Make sure you understand the basics of buying real estate in Baja so you can move forward, making smart decisions from start to finish. This will insure a great buying experience.

    With Baja Properties, you can learn about all these basics. We'll help you understand purchase contracts, escrow, title, financing, bank trusts, and the closing process. Knowing these basics and working with a professional real estate associate will ensure that you get title to your new Baja home, in the most financially strategic manner possible.

    We have access to show you the best properties for sale here in the Rosarito - Ensenada corridor, even if the properties are listed with another broker. This corridor is a very popular area for Americans and other foreigners, where many come to retire, or just have a 2nd vacation home.

    After your purchase, you may need some property management assistance. We can help with finding the occasional tenant to provide some rental income, full or part service property management, or helping keep you investment property rented full time.

    I know you will appreciate the wealth of knowledge and professionalism that comes from our years of experience.

    Mario Restrepo


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    Here are some of the originally pages built on this website about 7 years ago. The first link was to our team, meaning our associate agents. Our associates are very important to many true owners of real estate here in Baja. Many of these owners are now our friends. The original vintage Map has communities pointed out up and down the coast here in Baja. This map was popular before Google maps became main stream.

    Here are some of old listings Listings. Please know these prices do not reflect current market conditions but can give you some insight into the good ol' days. Here is an old featured listing. Today, the featured listings can be accessed right from the home page. Also, here are some old rental listings: click here. Financing has evolved over the last 5 years here in Baja. Here are some good suggestions on what to ask your attorney concerning legal status in Mexico. Here is an appraiser if you need. Today, there are many appraisal services competing with service and price. Here is the old 2008 USA border entry information on what documentation is needed to cross back into the USA. I full recommend you check current US border entry requirements. Here is an imcomplete cost of living page.